Vauxhall Vectra Cdti

Vauxhall/Saab/Fiat 1.9CDTI 150HP 773720 766340 755046 740067 Turbo + Gaskets

Vauxhall/Saab/Fiat 1.9CDTI 150HP 773720 766340 755046 740067 Turbo + Gaskets

Vauxhall/Saab/Fiat 1.9CDTI 150HP 773720 766340 755046 740067 Turbo + Gaskets    Vauxhall/Saab/Fiat 1.9CDTI 150HP 773720 766340 755046 740067 Turbo + Gaskets
Vauxhall / Saab / Fiat 1.9CDTI 150HP 773720 766340 755046 740067 Turbo + Gaskets. Turbochargers and injectors for all brands.

For over 10 years, we have rebuilt injectors and turbochargers. Our qualified and professional teamwork to ensure that they are ready to use. We do not allow half measure; quality is of utmost importance to us!

London Turbocharger 4you 213-217 London Middlesex Staines-upon-Thames, TW 18 4HL-Great Britain Business number: 9569840 VAT number: GB 213 8333 31. IF YOU CANNOT FIND CORRECT PART FOR YOUR CAR PLEASE CONTACT OUR SALES TEAM, THEY WILL BE ABLE TO HELP.

Turbocharger 773720 FIAT SAAB 9-3 CROMA 1.9 M741 1.9 EURO DTH 4 Z19DTH 110 KW. 9-3, ASTRA, CROMA, SIGNUM, VECTRA, ZAFIRA. 16V EURO 4, M741 1.9 DTH EURO 4, Z19DTH. 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015. 849 348, 860 549, 849 537, 5860015, 55205356, 55196766, 55196859, 93169106. He price of the turbocharger includes the refundable deposit. For most of our turbochargers, we provide with the free set of gaskets! Our company uses the best regeneration equipment available on the market. For basic adjustment, variable geometry, balancing, checking pneumatic and electric valves, we use four types of machines. We only work on newer components of better companies to produce turbocharger parts such as Mellet and Code. We use for balancing core turbochargers VSR 301 machines, a value and the well-known British company named TURBOTECHNICS. G3 Concepts -High precision calibration tool created by three engineers working for Garrett. This machine has been specially designed for the turbocharger re-sale industry. DPA-1 by MICROELECTRONICS - the professional device designed for reprogramming Hella electronic actuators used in Garrett turbochargers. ACTUTEST 4000 -balancing machine designed for testing and calibration of electronic actuators and pneumatic actuators for turbochargers made by a Polish company value. Watch the video how we work. The complaint will be treated provided that the turbocharger is not disassembled or cleaned by the user. The guarantor reserves the right to stop the vehicle in which the turbocharger is used to control the operation of the turbocharger and the engine. In order to ensure reliable operation of the turbocharger, engine oils with high lubricating properties must be used and updated as well as an oil filter replacement every 7 500 miles. In the case of mineral and semi-synthetic oils, they should be refreshed with an oil filter replacement every 5 500 miles.

Just before the turbocharger is installed, engine oil, oil filter and air filter need to be replaced. In the case of accepted complaints, documented a written request for the return to dismount the cost for the turbocharger shall not exceed 20% of the contract value. Engine in which the turbocharger was installed is in poor technical condition 1. Lubrication malfunctions - Oil pressure low or too high - Very long oil suction period by pump oil (more than 5 seconds) - contaminated oil 2. Turbocharger impeded oil flow - intermediate cut in the piston system, overpressure above the 50 mm water column - evaporative system obstruction, higher overpressure of 50 mm water column - oil level too high - obstruction of turbocharger drain cable 3.

Bad combustion - too high temperature of exhaust gas 4. It was a mechanical damage to the elements of turbocharger III. Silicone was used to seal the IV oil cables.

The pressure drop in the filter is greater than 500 mm water column V. The turbocharger has been run in a way that does not comply with the installation manual VI. The turbocharger was not used in a good summer (irregular oil refresh, replacement oil filter irregular filter or air, use of poor quality oil and gasoline, automatic attempts to repair and adjust the product). Suggested range of actions during turbocharger installation. To detect the following damage in the initially installed turbocharger.

Increases radial and axial rotor clearance. Blades rub both sides of the hoses, worn bearings.

Clean the suction and exhaust system, replace the air filter, make sure that catalyst is not obstructed -Clean the motor housing -Clean or replace the oil filter pump -Check the condition of the pump to oil with overflow valve - check the condition of the oil pan, replace if the bumps are found - Clean or replace the oil and turbocharger line and overflow drain screw - replace the oil filter status - fill the engine with oil - - max. A increased axial play (longitudinal) of the rotor -reparing the leak in the suction system and intercooler. Check if the turbocharger is not overloaded and the engine power is not significantly increased - possible cause. If the oil leak is detected without increasing the clearance of the rotor.

Improve, clean, replace a system by evaporating a crankcase (breather) -Make sure that this air filter is clean -Make sure that the oil drain hose of the turbocharger is not obstructed -Check the blow volume-through the piston system; If they are too strong, repair the engine - make sure the max. Oil level in the engine is not exceeded - check the passability of exhaust fumes. It is forbidden to continue driving with strong turbocharger operation!

Check the rotor clearance and if there was no mechanical damage- Eliminate leaks in the suction lines and in the intercooler- Eliminate exhaust fumes -Make sure that turbocharger, manifolds, and suction system connections is waterproof. Mechanical damage of the blades. Find and eliminatethe cause of incoming foreign body -Clean intake and exhaust fumes -Check if turbocharger is not overloaded (Solenoid efficiency, suction system leak proof). Before running the turbocharger, you must correct the fault that caused the turbocharger to be repaired or replaced.

Refresh the oil in the engine and replace the oil filter. Cleaning / replacing the turbocharged oil supply line, make sure there is no sieve or filter inside (replace or remove) Replace the air filter and remove any contamination from the system. Comply with the recommendations of the surety.

3 cc of clean engine oil in the turbocharger body through the oil supply port. During the injection, turn the rotor to distribute the oil inside the turbine. Install the turbocharger without connecting the supply and output lines (for the turbocharger), oil (to the engine). Run the engine without starting! (eg disconnect the injection pump) move approx.

1 liter of pipeline oil to the vessel. Then, screw into the supply line, allowing a little loosening, turn the engine on at the moment, when the oil with air is showing up on the unhinging and tighten the supply line. Oil-to-engine flow line tighten (new gasket) -start the engine and leave it for 30 to 60 seconds in neutral position -carry a test drive to make sure everything is working properly -After hunting for 30- 100 miles, we recommend you refresh the oil again and replace the oil filter. WHEN INSTALLING THE TURBOCHARGER, DO NOT USE TARTINADES SILICONES AND SEALING BETWEEN THE EXHAUST MANIFOLD AND THE TURBOCHARGER.

Reference OE / OEM 5. Fiat Croma 1.9 JTD 150HP. OE / OEM Reference 4. Fiat Bravo 1.9 JTD 150 HP. OE / OEM Reference 3. Fiat Croma II 1.9 JTD 150 HP. Reference OE / OEM 2.

Saab 9-3 II 1.9 TiD 150HP. Reference OE / OEM 1. Engine Code M741 1.9DTH Euro 4. Opel Astra H Vectra Zafira B Signum 1.9 CDTI.

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  • Brand: Garrett
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 773720 766340 755046 740067
  • Reference OE/OEM Number: 773720 766340 755046 740067
  • Unit Quantity: 10
  • Type: Turbocharger
  • Fuel Type: Diesel
  • Other Part Number: 773720 766340 755046 740067

Vauxhall/Saab/Fiat 1.9CDTI 150HP 773720 766340 755046 740067 Turbo + Gaskets    Vauxhall/Saab/Fiat 1.9CDTI 150HP 773720 766340 755046 740067 Turbo + Gaskets